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This is where our guardians can talk and support other guardians through pet cancer, so no Guardian will have to face pet cancer alone!

Disclaimer: These are comments for Guardians who have faced pet cancer head on, the words and opinions are theirs and theirs alone.

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Jeret Holt
Jeret Holt

Hello all! The best way to help is to tell you Moses story and where we are now after losing him in May last year. Definitely still hit me right in the feels as my eyes are welling up. My boy was so loving and sweet. I adoptoed moe from a tenant when there dog had puppies. He was the most adorable pup. He was there for me through a lot of tough times as a young man. He was definitely my rock and even outlasted quiet a few girlfriends hahah. Moses was diagnosed in January 2018. We started to… Read more »

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