What we do:

Vision: No one faces pet cancer alone.

Mission: We are a national network whose mission is to provide guardians and their families with the resources and emotional supports needed to navigate pet cancer.


Our online resources bring together – all in one place – a wealth of information on pet cancer prevention, types of cancer, and treatment options. And it’s all been reviewed by experts, so you can trust that it’s complete and accurate.


We educate pet guardians and their families on where to turn for support if faced with pet cancer or the loss of a pet.


We are cultivating a network of care that talks about pet cancer openly and frequently, so more families know where and how to find the support they need.

How could a young, healthy dog get cancer?

Kali was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, at seven years old. She was diagnosed with a blood-borne type of cancer that caused a massive tumour in her spleen. Her family rallied around her to provide comfort and support.

Help was hard to find

Kali’s family struggled to find information about her cancer, and the options for treating it. They sought advice from her doctor, medical literature and online, but it was a challenge to find information they could understand.

Why? Because Kali was a dog

There is a wealth of information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in humans. But, when it comes to pet cancer, quality information is scarce and what does exist can be difficult to find or understand.

“Vets estimate that one in four dogs will, at some stage in their life, develop cancer and 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer”

– Veterinary Cancer Society

Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation is here to help

Sadly, Kali didn’t survive her bout with cancer and passed away only weeks after her diagnosis. Our goal at Kali’s Wish is to raise awareness of this deadly disease and provide families with easy-to-understand online resources about how to recognize the early warning signs of cancer, various ways to help prevent cancer in their pets, available treatment options and facilitate connections to community resources that can help.

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