Lumps, Bumps and Pet Cancer

When should you get lumps on our dog checked? Here is a blog we found that shares some great information.

Lumps On Dogs: When To Get Them Checked By A Veterinarian
by Susan Ettinger, DVM, Dip. ACVIM (Oncology)

Dr. Al Townsend on our Kali’s Wish panel of experts also weighs in on the topic:

“Lumps and bumps on our pet can be something to be concerned about. A quick visit to your veterinarian to be sure is always a good idea.
Tick bites, infection, a cyst, are a few things that can cause a lump in the skin. They should be treated to prevent more serious problems. There are several types of non-cancerous tumors (benign) that occur in pets, especially as they age. There is also one type of benign tumor that occurs in relatively young pets too.
The most serious lumps are those that are cancerous. The only way to determine if a lump is a cancerous tumor is to test the tissue. Your veterinarian is the one to preform that procedure. Regular home checkups by a member of the family is the best way to catch these serious growths early and give the pet the best chances of a full recovery.” Dr. Al Townsend, Veterinarian.

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