Healthy Habits: Stretching

Joint degeneration, muscle atrophy, loss of flexibility, and the resulting pain1 from all these issues are common as aging happens – for both our pets and ourselves.

How can we combat this?

One simple way is stretching.

Stretching is a natural therapy (and great healthy habit) that helps preserve range of motion, and can event alleviate (or prevent) pain.2

So, how can you help your dog stretch? This article from Animal Wellness Magazine details 4 simple stretches for dogs – it even includes photo references! Our favourite is the ‘Hip Flexor’ stretch:

The hip flexors are muscles that allow your dog to move his legs and hips while walking, trotting or running. To stretch the hip flexors, ask your dog to stand, and grasp a back leg above the knee. Gently and slowly move the leg back straight out behind your dog’s body. When you reach a point of resistance, where further extension would require applying pressure, hold the leg in position for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch two or three times with each back leg.

Benefits your dog will receive from this stretch include increased movement and flexibility in the hips and spine, improved conditioning of the lower back, hip and leg muscles, and a reduction in arthritis-related discomfort and pain.1

Do you have any questions about how to help your pet out as they age? Reach out to our Panel of Experts today!


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