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Did you know that maintaining overall health can help prevent cancer, in both humans and our pets? Healthy Habits is our monthly series that shares health tips both you and your pet can follow to help you stay healthy, and happy!

Just like us humans, your pooch needs a fairly consistent sleeping routine to maintain their overall health. When humans are short on sleep, we can suffer from irritability, lack of concentration, poor motor behaviour, and many more symptoms. The same is true for dogs¹.

The first step to setting up a regular sleep schedule for both you and your pet is understanding how much sleep is actually needed. Adult humans need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night², but for dogs it depends on their activity throughout the day³. So, you need to actively monitor how much play time and exercise your dog gets to help you determine their sleep schedule. Remember that it’s okay for dogs to enjoy naps throughout the day, so feel free to let sleeping dogs lie!

While dogs are less picky about where they sleep, a Pet Guardian should keep in mind where their pet is dozing if they aren’t clocking enough Z’s. Here is a helpful guide to help you decide where your pet should sleep.

If your dog sleeps in a kennel at night, there are ways you can make it more comfortable and appealing for them. Here are some great tips for getting your dog excited about kennel time.

When you and your pet get the recommended amount of sleep, you’ll be able to take advantage of the day with more energy and increased focus, as well as setting yourself and your pet up for a well-rested and fun-filled life!

Do you have any questions about your dog’s sleep schedule or health in general? Reach out to our Panel of Experts today!


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