Healthy Habits: Puzzles

As we get older, it’s important to keep our minds active. If we don’t, we are at higher risk for memory loss and slower cognitive processes.1

For our dogs, the same thing happens – memory and learning ability decline as they age. In addition, since most dogs don’t have to do the things they were originally bred for (ex. hunting or sheparding), they can be bored at home, which can result in behavioral issues.

This is why puzzles are a great tool.

For humans it could be crosswords or actual jigsaw puzzles. For our dogs, food puzzle toys are great because they make thinking fun and positive. A food puzzle toy involves hiding a treat in the ‘puzzle’ and then giving it to your dog to get the treat out. As they can smell the treat, it keeps them focused on the toy until they solve it! This article from the American Kennel Club has a list of great food puzzle toys – check it out for options for your pup!

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