Disco’s Story

My story is about Disco, a three-pawed chihuahua. Back in 2011, he found himself at one of the highest kill shelters in southern California. When he arrived he was immediately listed to be euthanized after a 4 day hold, because the person in charge decided that no one would want to adopt a dog who was missing a paw. He is a friendly, fun-loving dog but that didn’t matter. No paw, no chance. Disco then decided to take matters into this three little paws by turning on the charm.

One of the kennel attendants at the shelter thought it was crazy to euthanize such a friendly dog. Someone from a rescue happened to be at the shelter that day, on another matter. The kennel attendant begged her to take a look at Disco (who wasn’t Disco yet). She took him out of the shelter and he immediately jumped in her car and started playing with her young son. She sprang him from the shelter and the little boy decided to name him Disco after his Disco Mickey toy.

Six months later, he was sent to Canada, as he wasn’t getting any interest in California. That’s when he became my foster, and turned on the charm with me and my other dog, until we decided to make him a permanent member of our family.

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