Eating Right: Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving happening this weekend in Canada, and coming up in a few weeks for our neighbours to the south in America, we wanted to focus our ‘Eating Right’ post for this month on sharing some delicious holiday-themed treats and meals for the four-legged members of our families.

Before we jump into the recipes though, we wanted to share this article from PetMD, which is a handy reference for tips on what Thanksgiving staples you can (and can’t) feed your pets.

Side Dish Options:

If you have some extra turkey baby food and sweet potatoes lying around, this Sweet Potato Cookies recipe from WebVet and Liz Palika is perfect for you. It is the perfect accompaniment to any pet’s Thanksgiving meal.

Butternut squash is an in-season vegetable that makes an appearance at a lot of Thanksgiving dinners – so why not include it in your pet’s special meal? This post from the Daily Puppy has 4 great recipes that you could use.

Main Dish Options:

Turkey is the delicious main dish of most people’s Thanksgiving meals. Four our pets, it’s a great lean protein to mix into their diet. Remember to watch out for bones though!1

Your dog will love this great recipe from The Bark which combines turkey leftovers, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and (if it strikes your fancy) turkey gravy. The recipe was created by a dog nutritionist AND a Vet, so you can be sure that you aren’t feeding your dog something they shouldn’t be eating.

Rachel Ray also has a great (and simple) two-step ‘Turkey Hash’ recipe that your pooch will love.


Did you know that pumpkin is actually good for your dog? That is why we love this recipe for dog-friendly pumpkin pie from & Loews Hotels. It also cuts out some of the ingredients that are usually found in pumpkin pie that could be harmful to your dog.2

Bonus – Thanksgiving Kong:

We love this quick and easy tip from Kong Stuffing! It helps prevent your dog from begging at the dinner table, and lets them join in on the Thanksgiving fun!

Do you have any questions about sharing holiday meals with your pets? Reach out to our Panel of Experts to get them answered today!


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